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Is it right to say that eating local food is always best? Thank you!

Local & Seasonal

This is a really good question and the answer, from an emissions perspective, is - no, not necessarily.  Let's break it down in to two categories, food that's in season in your area and food that isn't. Food is in season locally: If a food is...

Answered by Jon | Snowball Team

Hi! I've heard mixed things about offsetting - so is it a good thing or a bad thing?


Hi Chris. Yes you're absolutely right, offsetting isn't perfect. There are pros and cons to offsetting your flight - it certainly shouldn't be considered the answer to flight emissions - it's not.  However, if you are flying, offsetting is certainly bett...

Answered by Harry | Snowball Team

Hello! Is there a list of which animals have the biggest carbon footprint and which have the smallest? Thanks

Meat & Dairy

Hi Sarah. Thanks for the question! There's a good graphic showing the emissions from different food types here (BBC) and a more detailed one here (OurWorldinData). As a general rule, red meat is the biggest emitter. Beef...

Answered by Harry | Snowball Team

Hi! How do I know what counts as Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion

Hi Anna!  So the simple answer is - if it's really cheap, it's unlikely to be sustainable. Cheap clothes use cheaper materials, cheaper labour and cheap processes. They are built to display and to sell, not to last. Making clothes is a complicated process, so if you're looking at a cheap garment, the chances... 

Answered by Chloe