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Speak up

Climate Impact:    Not possible to predict

What you can do

Join a march, share content on social media or just talk to your friends and family.


You have an amazing capacity to inspire action in others. 

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Climate impact

Using your voice to inspire action in others - be that your friends, your family or people in power - can have a huge impact on climate change.  We've seen it happen to amazing effect in the past couple of years. 

Of course it's impossible to measure that impact or predict how large it might be, so we're not able to assign a representative impact figure here. But what we can say is that inspiring change in others could be the most impactful thing you do on climate change.


Additional benefits
  • Make new friends or improve relationships

  • Can be as easy as a single click to share a post or a status

  • Challenge of getting to a strike or march


  • Share climate posts you see on social media - it normalises the conversation


  • Post a picture of you doing a climate friendly activity on social media

  • Chat to friends and family about climate change

Facts and further information
  • 6 million people took part in climate protests during the week of action in September 2019 [1].

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