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Use your vote

Climate Impact:    Not possible to predict

What you can do

Make climate change the most important factor in your voting decision.


This doesn't mean it would be the only factor relevant to your vote, but that it would be the highest priority. If you're not yet old enough to vote, you can still make this commitment now for when you are old enough.

Who's doing it?

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Climate impact

Voting is perhaps our most powerful tool for change. It gives us the opportunity to chose who governs our country - giving us control over our futures. 

Voting will play an important part in the future of the climate movement. However, each vote does not have a direct and measurable impact. Some votes will be instrumental in bringing change and others will have less impact. We are therefore unable to assign any direct impact metrics to this action.


Additional benefits
  • Very easy to do

  • May not be eligible to vote

  • Reduced ability to vote on other issues

  • None (yet)

  • Use social media to tell opposition parties you're not voting for them because of their position on climate change

Facts and further information
  • More than half of British people said that climate change would affect how they vote  in 2019, rising to three-quarters of people for under-25s [1].

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